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What is a halal holiday?

A Halal holiday is a holiday that fits in with the Islamic lifestyle. This means that our experts at Halal Holidays will ensure that your holiday is in line with the Islamic Sharia Laws. Whether this requires us finding you hotels that serve only pure halal food (no pork) and 100% no alcohol, hotels with prayer rooms, or hotels that have mosques nearby, our aim is for you to be completely comfortable and relaxed on your vacation without compromising your deen.

Why Halal Holidays?

At Halal Holidays, you come first as our main priority is your satisfaction. Everyone’s needs are different and we are well aware of that which is why we will never take anything further without your approval and we will always be understanding of what you are looking for or what you may be hesitant towards.

Where are the Halal Destinations?

Although it seems that the Middle East is the main place you could have a completely halal holiday, and by all means many destinations in the Middle East are great places for Muslims, you’d be amazed at what we can tell you about other destinations. We are constantly discovering areas that Muslims would usually be hesitant to visit and in doing so, we have been successful in finding Muslim friendly areas. For example, if you browse through our USA pages, you’d be taken by surprise with the amount of halal restaurants and diners surrounding the hotels!

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