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Dalaman is a district located on Turkey's southwestern coast in the province of Mugla. It is an excellent choice for Muslim travellers, as the popularity of halal tourism has sharply increased over the past several years in the country of Turkey. For this reason, those who follow the Islamic faith can plan a yearly holiday in Dalaman with confidence, knowing that it is easy to find the appropriate facilities, resorts and restaurants in which to enjoy their getaway.


The Global Muslim Travel Index, which rates over 130 countries, has ranked Turkey as the third most popular location in the Muslim travel market, with the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia the only countries that rank higher.

Additionally, in June of 2014, the Turkish Standards Institute began issuing certificates to different hotels within the country that fully meet Islamic standards. There are many halal-certified hotels in the Dalaman district, which offer segregated recreational areas, prayer rooms and other facilities. In some of the premier halal resorts, everything from finance to logistics is completed according to Islamic rule. For example, toilets and bidets are positioned so that they do not face Makkah, and staff members wear conservative, Islamic dress at all times.

As one would suspect, no nightclubs or non-halal activities are found on such resorts and they are entirely alcohol free. Favourites among Muslim travellers include the Dalaman Airport Lykia Resort Hotel and the Hotel Burk.


Most restaurants in Dalaman are halal-certified or feature halal options on their menus. Popular halal restaurants among Muslim tourists include the Nar Restaurant, the Yelken Cafe and the Agora Restaurant.

White-Water Rafting

Adventurous travellers may wish to go white-water rafting on the Dalaman River. Rated by professionals as one of the world's top rafting descents, it is not a good choice for those who are new to the sport. Novices may wish to consider this activity on the Zamanti or Coruh River, and it is always advisable to participate in the sport with a guide, rather than raft alone.

Dalaman Train Station

One of the world's most curious railroad stations, the Dalaman Train Station dates back to 1905 and has one of the most unusual histories of any landmark on earth. Abbas Hilmi Pasha planned to build an impressive manor home for use when hunting in the area where the Dalaman train station now stands, while simultaneously, in Alexandria, France, plans for a railway station were underway. However, due to a shipping error, materials and plans for each building were sent to the opposite locations, and thus Dalaman became home to a train station, while an opulent hunting manor was constructed in France.

Today, the large, rambling train station is overgrown with ivy and serves as a state farm headquarters. A point of curiosity for virtually all holidaymakers, this spectacular structure belongs on every visitor's must see list. It features lovely, well-maintained yards and stately palm trees. Families are allowed to picnic and children are allowed to play in its expansive yards, which are accessible to locals and tourists alike.

The Dalaman Merkez Cami Mosque

Muslim tourists should not miss a visit to one of the most impressive mosques in Turkey. The Dalaman Merkez Cami Mosque is located in the centre of town and is closed to tourits. Therefore, it can be enjoyed as both a historical landmark and a place for prayers by Muslim families without the distraction of westerners or other tourists.

A terrific choice of holiday destinations for Muslim travellers, those who choose Dalaman for their next getaway will likely be very pleased with what they find in this beautiful and interesting city.

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