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Tangiers is a major northwestern Moroccan city that is situated on the coast of Maghreb at the Strait of Gibraltar's Western entrance. The town is almost directly on the line where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore the region boasts two distinctly different, yet beautiful shorelines.

Tangier has a rich history, due to the presence of numerous cultures and civilisations that were once a part of the area. Additionally, because Morocco is one of the world's most halal-friendly holiday destinations, Tangiers is also a terrific location for Muslim travellers to enjoy an interesting and exciting getaway.

Halal-Friendly Restaurants and Resorts

No Muslim family needs to worry about finding a broad range of halal facilities, as most resorts and restaurants in the city cater for Muslim guests. Favourite restaurants among Muslim travellers include the Café Hafa and the Colline du Charf, both of which are located in the centre of the city. Certain resorts and hotels are westernised, but popular halal establishments are also plentiful, such as the La Tangerina and the El Minzah Hotel.

Museums and Mosques

Families who enjoy visiting museums will not want to miss a trip to one or both of the city's finest establishments of this kind. These are the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities. Both museums are expansive, and therefore holidaymakers should allow an appropriate amount of time to enjoy all the displays and collections housed within these celebrated museums.

The Tangier Grand Mosque and the Sidi Bou Abib Mosque are historical landmarks in the city, and both are an example of true Islamic architecture. Most mosques in Tangiers are not open to non-Muslims, and therefore do not have a touristy feel to families who wish to stop and pray or simply visit these enchanting mosques.


Tangiers is also a shopper's paradise, and many souks and malls are available for those who want to purchase souvenirs or merely splurge on items to take home from their trip. Among some of the city's best shopping locations are the Grand Socco Souk Square, the Petit Socco Souk and the Casabarata Giant Flea Market. Merchants are typically open to bargaining, and therefore if prices are too high, visitors should attempt to negotiate a lower cost for items they wish to purchase.

Sightseeing Tours

There are many guides in the city of Tangiers who offer sightseeing tours of various landmarks in and around the city. Three to four hour tours are the most popular, although longer or shorter tours are also available. Most begin in the northern part of the city and continue on to areas featuring panoramic scenery, such as Cape Spartal, Old Medina, and the Kasbah District. Many tours commence with a stop at Tangiers' magnificent Minaret. On most tours, stops will be made at craftsmanship shops, where handmade items can be purchased. Lunch is typically included in the price as well, and therefore Muslim visitors should ask various tour guides which excursions include stops at halal cafes and restaurants.

Terrasse des Paresseux

An interesting and beautiful scenic lookout point called the Terrasse des Paresseux offers sweeping views of the port, with Spain and Gibraltar being visible on clear days. A set of ancient, nonfunctional cannons face the Bay, symbolically warding off intruders. These and other landmarks at the lookout point provide excellent photo opportunities for visitors.

With its relaxed pace and friendly residents, Morocco is becoming a favourite holiday destination for Muslim holidaymakers from all walks of life. Fortunately, the travel industry in Tangiers has definitely noticed the need to cater for the Islamic tourist market. Whether one is seeking a simple getaway or five-star luxury, something appropriate can be found in Tangiers to meet the needs of any Muslim visitor.

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