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Izmir is a metropolitan city located in Anatolia, Turkey, and it is the latter's third most populous city after Ankara and Istanbul. Izmir has approximately four centuries of recorded history and is a beautiful and interesting peninsular city. Travellers will quickly discover that the area has much to offer with regard to historical sites, exciting activities and high-class resorts.

Restaurants and Resorts

Because Turkey is a Muslim-friendly country, visitors will have no trouble finding halal-certified establishments and facilities. Although a few of the resorts in Izmir have been westernised and feature bars and communal spa facilities, the majority of hotels cater for the Muslim community. The Crown Plaza Hotel and the Club Familia Izmir are halal-friendly favourites that offer guests everything necessary to observe and practice their faith while on holiday.

Popular restaurants Muslim families may wish to try include the Gozlemecim, Tavaci Recep Usta, Topcu Cafe, Adil Muftuoglu Grille, and the Altin kapi Restaurant.

Notable Attractions and Historic Sites

The Izmir Bird Paradise

The Izmir Bird Paradise is one of the city's most popular attractions. This bird sanctuary boasts over 200 species, including several that are in danger of becoming extinct. Covering 80 square kilometres, the sanctuary was registered by the Turkish Ministry of Forestry as a protected area in which water birds can live and breed. In the late 1990s, a large petting zoo was established in the same district and has recently been renamed the 'Sasal? Park of Natural Life.'

Hippodrome of Izmir

The hippodrome of Izmir is a must-see landmark for any Muslim traveller. Located in Buca, this impressive structure is a manmade wonder with a long and interesting history. It is a great place for outstanding photo opportunities, and holidaymakers can visit the landmark all year long. On certain days, tour guides are on-site to explain interesting facts to visitors about the structure.

Hisar Mosque

Izmir's largest and most magnificent mosque, the Hisar Mosque was constructed over the course of six years by Aydinoglu Yakup Bey, who lived in the 1500s. The mosque has been restored several times since then, but was originally built from lead coated domes and various types of stone. It is noted for its opulent decorations on its pulpit and altars. The interior boasts some of the finest Ottoman artwork in the world and its open courtyard is adorned by a gallery of seven domes. The mosque's minaret features a beautiful balcony.

Pergamum and Asklepion

A day trip from Izmir to Pergamum and Asklepion is something all visitors should consider. One of Turkey's finest archaeological sites, the ruins of these two ancient structures are both lovely and mystical and no admission is charged to wander around the site. Small restaurants are located within walking distance of the ruins, and therefore families can enjoy a halal-friendly meal after exploring the ancient structures of Pergamum and Asklepion.

Kordon Waterfront Promenade

For a day of family fun outside, visitors should consider a leisurely walk along the Kordon Waterfront Promenade. This palm lined, cobblestone section of the city offers horse-drawn carriage rides, a large bazaar, and sidewalk cafes that serve tea, coffee and juice.


An activity that has become as popular with tourists as it is with locals is a boat ride from Konak to Karsiyaka. Boats can be hired at the Kordon Waterfront Promenade and visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery for the entire ride.

Konak Pier

At the nearby Konak Pier, there is a modest sized mall called the Bornova Forum, which features a broad range of brand name products and apparel. Adjacent to the mall is a Mediterreanean style food market that offers a vast array of halal-friendly choices for Muslim travellers.

With its many historical sites and landmarks and halal-friendly facilities, Izmir provides the perfect backdrop against which Muslim travellers can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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