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Ajman is a the smallest of the seven Arab emirates, and is located on the UAE's western coast. A beautiful place to visit, this emirate is Halal-friendly and despite its modest size, it has much to offer Muslim families with regard to attractions, activities, shopping and dining. The centre of the city is the primary base for exploring the Emirate, but the outlying areas are also appealing to holidaymakers. Featuring ideal weather, outstanding landmarks and friendly residents, this region is gaining popularity amongst those searching for a unique holiday destination.

Halal Restaurants

All Ajman restaurants offer Halal food, making it easy for Muslim travellers to enjoy dining out. Holidaymakers can indulge in a broad range of Eastern and Western dishes created by talented local chefs. Amongst the top Halal restaurants in Ajman are the Equestrian Lounge, the Mejhana, the Burj-Al Arab Restaurant, and the Dragon's Palace.


There are numerous mosques in Ajman, which are both places of worship and tourist landmarks. However, non-Muslim visitors must be respectful with regard to times of worship and appropriate Islamic dress. Therefore, families need not worry about tourists interfering with traditional prayer times or creating a disruptive atmosphere in any of Ajman's mosques. The most prominent of the city's mosques are the AlJarf , the Sheikh Khalifa, the Abu Hanifa Al-Noaman, and the Sheikh Zayed, the latter of which is the second largest mosque in the UAE. However, the Village Mosque, also called the Bin Sultan Mosque, is the area's busiest and most popular place of worship.

Things to See and Do Ajman National Museum
The Ajman Museum is the city's top attraction. The site served a variety of purposes before its eventual transformation into the outstanding Museum it is today. In the 18th century, it was a defensive fort for the city, and a castle was also once located on the grounds. The Ajman Museum offers magnificent insight into the traditional lifestyle of centuries-old residents and features items from archaeological excavations dating back to the 1600s. Many findings from nearby archeological sites are also on display in the Museum. The old fort still stands on the property and boasts two wind towers, two watch towers, and a gateway featuring a giant cannon on either side.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

The Al Zorah Nature Reserve is an ideal attraction for families with children and animal lovers. The Reserve is home to one million square metres of genuine mangrove forests and is a sanctuary for bird and marine life. Secluded beaches are not difficult to find in the reserve, making it ideal for Muslim families who prefer to be separated from scantily clad individuals or Westerners who do not observe Islamic dress. Golf lovers will be pleased to discover that there is also a beautifully landscaped, 18-hole championship golf course located on the Reserve.

Ajman Dhow Yard

Renowned as the largest Dhow building centre in the world, the Ajman Dhow Yard is one of the most interesting places to visit in Ajman. Virtually all families enjoy this fascinating, educational attraction where people of all ages can watch Dhows being built right before their eyes. Traditional tools and methods are used by those who were trained by earlier generations. One of the most outstanding aspects of this attraction is that the workers do not use blueprints in the building process. A unique place to enjoy a morning or afternoon and a must-see for first time Ajman visitors, the Ajman Dhow Yard deserves a spot on every traveller's itinerary.


When visiting Ajman, Muslim families will likely be pleased with the traditional souk marketplace, where virtually any item one prefers can be found. A broad range of souvenirs, clothing items, oils, spices and jewellery are available for purchase from local merchants. Food vendors are also found in the area, and virtually all of them offer Halal-friendly snacks and sandwiches.


Ajman's climate is subtropical and quite arid, similar to many areas in the Middle East. Heavy rainfall is quite rare, and holidaymakers can anticipate abundant sunshine and hot temperatures for most of the year. July, August and September are the hottest, most humid months of the year and the most temperate months are November to March.


Arabic is the official language of Ajman, but English, French and Farsi are also spoken on occasion.

Because of its diversity and respect for Muslim tradition, Ajman is an excellent choice for holidaymakers who observe Islamic law. The city's deep commitment to local heritage and warm and welcoming atmosphere make Ajman a perfect travel destination for virtually any Muslim family.

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