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Hurghada is an exciting and vibrant holiday destination in the country of Egypt. It is situated on the western side of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera and is ideal for holidaymakers from all walks of life. This region attracts thousands of visitors on an annual basis and is now one of Egypt's leading resort cities.

In addition, due to the area's diversity, it is a suitable getaway location whether one is searching for exciting attractions and activities or a peaceful environment in which to relax and unwind.

Activities and Attractions

The Hurghada Harbour and the New Port

The Hurghada Harbour and the New Port are great places for those who are interested in sightseeing. From these ports, cruises to neighbouring islands are available each day. Holidaymakers may also enjoy strolling along the Hurghada Beach Promenade, where they can enjoy fruit juice, tea or coffee from one of the local cafés.

El Mina Masjid Mosque

Holidaymakers should place the El Mina Masjid Mosque on their must-see list when visiting Hurghada. As one of Egypt's most ornate and beautiful mosques, this impressive structure is sure to dazzle the eye with its lovely decor and intricate architecture. Tourists are allowed to freely roam the mosque, except during Muslim times of prayer.


Hurghada is also one of the top diving destinations in Egypt. It boasts a spectacular host of marine life, which can be viewed through the crystal clear waters in its many bays. Guided diving tours are also available at certain times.

Giftun Islands

The islands of Giftun are located quite close to Hurghada and are home to a number of spectacular reefs full of marine life. Part of a marine reserve, the Islands are a terrific location for a day trip, with the most popular reefs being the Banana Reef, the Sha’ab Torf, and the Hamda Reef. Snorkelling and scuba diving are also favourite activities amongst holidaymakers visiting the islands. Swimming is always an enjoyable sport in this region as well, regardless of the time of year.

Soma Bay and El Gouna

Soma Bay is located on a peninsula surrounded by shining turquoise waters, impressive desert scenery, and soft sandy beaches. It is a very quiet and relaxing area in which to enjoy the sun and the water, and is completely different from the larger resort beaches in Hurghada. This makes Soma Bay an excellent choice for those who want a quiet, tranquil day of sun and sea.

Holidaymakers visiting Hurghada may also want to experience some El Gouna’s pools and beaches. Regarded as more than simply swimming destinations, the El Gouna area offers an idyllic beach ambiance, complete with music and food.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining are by far some of the most popular activities in Hurghada. A favourite among locals and holidaymakers alike is the El Sakala Centre, also referred to as Sheraton Road. This street is filled with multiple bazaars, restaurants,  supermarkets, shops, pharmacies and banks. Some of the most popular outdoor markets in Hurghada are El Dahar Square and the Sekalla High Street Marketplace.

The Promenade is another fantastic shopping area, and is similar to the aforementioned El Sakala Centre. It features a five kilometres-long promenade with a clean, wide walking area lined with stores and souvenir shops. Other must-see places near the Promenade include the Esplanada Mall, Hard Rock Café, Kuddas Mall. The Senzo Mall is another recently built Mall in the area that offers visitors a broad range of merchandise from apparel and jewellery to electronics and leather goods.

Best Time to Visit

Egypt's climate typically remains pleasant throughout most of the year, although during summer temperatures can soar and the climate is extremely dry and hot. However, Hurghada and most of the Red Sea Riviera experience breezes from all sides, which often helps to offset the hot temperatures. Ultimately, autumn and spring offer the best climate in Hurghada, but beaches may get congested during these times. Visitors planning to take day trips to mountainous regions surrounding Hurghada should be aware that temperatures can drop significantly at night.

No matter what one has in mind when organising a holiday, Hurghada has something for everyone. Those who visit this friendly and interesting region are guaranteed a pleasant and memorable trip.

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