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Until recently, the rich history and culture of this extraordinary country has been shrouded beneath a veil of mystery. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is located in Western Asia constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. With a large land area, Saudi Arabia is geographically the largest sovereign state in Western Asia.

Crescentrating, a Muslim travel consultancy, has rated Saudi Arabia as one of the world's top Muslim-friendly holiday destinations. The Kingdom comes in 4th behind Turkey, Egypt, and Malaysia, which ranked three, two and one, respectively. The city of Jeddah, a metropolis located within the Kingdom, also landed on a top ten list of its own, as Saudi Arabia's 5th best shopping area for holidaymakers.

According to the Crescentrating website, Saudi Arabia earned its place on the top ten list based on a variety of factors important to those of the Islamic faith, such as availability of prayer facilities, and the number of halal-certified restaurants and resorts to which travellers have access. Additionally, the number of appropriate tourist spots for Muslim families is taken into consideration when countries are ranked. Therefore, virtually any Muslim traveller can rest assured that an enjoyable and worry free holiday awaits in Saudi Arabia.


In Saudi Arabia, the climate is generally desert, and it's very hot in summer in all of the country. The rains are very scarce, and concentrated from November to April. There are, however, differences among the areas that are worth considering.

When to visit Saudi Arabia

The best span to visit Saudi Arabia is from November to February. This is the time when the weather is mild and the temperature remains average. Summer is the time to be avoided to visit Saudi Arabia.


Resorts and Restaurants

Essentially all resorts and public restaurants in Saudi Arabia are halal-friendly, although a handful are somewhat westernised. However, employees of establishments that are not halal-certified are typically quick to inform Muslim travellers of this fact, if asked. In most areas of Saudi Arabia, traditional Islamic dress is required and alcohol is prohibited.

Things to See and Do

Sightseeing and shopping are top activities in Saudi Arabia, and there is an almost limitless number of attractions and marketplaces in which families can spend time. Below are some of the most popular landmarks and things to do in this beautiful, picturesque kingdom.

Capital City

Riyadh is Saudi Arabia's largest city, as well as its capital. It is a popular Arabian tourist destination and a favourite honeymoon spot among Muslim newlyweds. The city is famous for its historical monuments and architectural landmarks that represent the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, those who choose to head to Riyadh for a day of sightseeing will not be disappointed. Also located within the city are the Kingdom Centre Tower--an architectural wonder--and the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.


Also referred to by local residents as the 'Getaway to the Two Holy Sites' because of its proximity to Medina and Makkah, Jeddah is a mere four-hour drive from the Holy Shrine. The city immediately immerses visitors into Saudi Arabian culture and history through its many museums and heritage centres, and therefore is a great destination for those who enjoy learning about the past. In addition to these numerous historical and cultural activities, the city boasts additional attractions, such as water sports and beaches, amusement parks and botanical gardens in the aforementioned outstanding shopping opportunities. Among other popular landmarks in Jeddah are the Medina Gate, the King Fahad Fountain, and the city's celebrated 'Floating Mosque.'


The modest size city of Yanbu is quickly gaining a reputation as Saudi Arabia's best-kept tourism secret. Situated on on the Red Sea's north coast, Yanbu was always considered an industrial city, but has now become a family-friendly holiday destination for both foreign and domestic visitors.

According to the Saudi Commission on National Heritage and Tourism, Yanbu has experienced major benefits resulting from an increase in the number of foreign tourists who visited the kingdom in 2014. It is believed that this general increase in Saudi Arabia tourism led to the 'discovery' of Yanbu among travellers. This is especially true for those who enjoy diving and other water sports. For example, veteran divers who once favoured particular regions near Jeddah are now heading to the Yanbu coast to visit its unspoiled beaches and view the largely unexplored crystal-clear waters and soft coral reefs.

Regardless of which city a family visits, a memorable and interesting time can be anticipated by those planning a Saudi Arabian holiday. With an endless array of halal-certified choices for Muslim travellers, no holidaymaker can go wrong with a trip to the beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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