Halal Turkey Holidays

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Halal Turkey Holidays

With its unique geographical position spanning Europe and Asia, Turkey incorporates the best of both East and West, making it a sought-after holiday destination for Muslims. The picturesque locations, constant sunshine and rich historical and cultural heritage ensure the country is a traveller's delight, and its Muslim traditions make it an ideal destination for Islamic tourism, with 3 million visitors from Arabia alone in 2014. In the last 15 years there has been an increasing emphasis in Turkey on halal tourism, with the number of halal hotels multiplying from 5 to over 50 in that time.

The country is certainly uniquely well placed for growth in halal holidays, being both a Muslim country and a leading player in the global tourism industry. Over the last few years, Muslim-friendly hotels have sprung up in more and more areas, especially in the west of the country and in coastal regions, particularly in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Aydin. A number of hotels are going beyond providing Sharia-compliant facilities, and under the slogan "Sun, sea and halal" are offering specific "halal holidays", which are beach holidays complying with Islamic values.

Best for Women

In particular, Turkey has become a number 1 choice for Muslim women travellers, as it is one of very few countries in the world where Muslim women can fully relax and enjoy themselves. Here they can find private women-only beaches, where they can bask in the warm sunshine and bathe in the crystal clear waters without having to cover themselves with a burqini. In addition, almost all of the 50-plus halal hotels provide women-only spas and pools.

Antalya at the Forefront

One of the areas at the forefront of Muslim-friendly holiday provision is Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, set to become Turkey's capital of halal tourism - in 2015 the total number of beds in Antalya's halal hotels exceeded 6,000, and this is growing every year. One hotel that attracts Muslim holidaymakers from all over the world is the Bera Alanya, which has three women-only pools, with no cameras or phones allowed, and another is the Adenya, with segregated pools, beaches and spa facilities, as well as segregated prayer rooms. The latest addition in Antalya is the beautiful Adin Beach Hotel, which offers a men's beach, a women's beach and a mixed beach for families, allowing guests the maximum choice.

Must-see Konya

Away from the coast, a must-visit town for halal holidays is Konya, in the central Anatolia region, known as Turkey's most Islamic city, and voted the Islamic Tourism Capital for 2016. For 800 years it has been known as the city of whirling dervishes, but one of the main attractions is the Mevlana Museum, containing a shrine to a great mystic of the 13th century. Konya is said to have some of the best halal hotels in the country.

Turkey is fast becoming one of the world's leading choices for Muslim-friendly holidays -- not just for men, but for women too. The country delivers in abundance the beautiful coastlines, spectacular scenery and fascinating history that holidaymakers look for, and in addition offers the world's highest percentage of hotels specifically adhering to Islamic principles. Muslims no longer have to compromise their principles in order to enjoy a holiday.

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