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Malaysia is an island nestled in the South China Sea near the country of Indonesia. On an annual basis, holidaymakers travel to Kuala Lumpur and other areas of the island to experience the immense beauty and charm of this tropical paradise. Offering the ideal blend of developed neighbourhoods, wilderness areas, well maintained beaches and colourful scenery, this intriguing country has something for everyone.

Malaysia's Top Halal-Friendly Ranking

Muslim travellers who are concerned with finding suitable resorts and dining options are pleased to discover that Malaysia is still number one on the list of the most halal-friendly getaway destinations in the world. Crescentrating Pte. Ltd., is the world leader concerning the development of the Muslim-friendly holiday market and the company ranks each area based on a variety of factors. These include the presence of prayer facilities, the number of halal certified restaurants available, and how many Muslim-friendly accommodation options exist near the main tourist spots of each region. Crescentrating reports that Muslim holidaymakers can plan and enjoy a getaway with confidence in virtually any part of Malaysia.

Many hotels and resorts have no alcohol policies and serve halal food in their restaurants. Numerous hotels also have separate leisure facilities for ladies. In addition, most establishments offer on-site prayer rooms and the activities at the majority of Malaysian resorts are geared toward Muslim beliefs and practices.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's heartbeat is felt in Kuala Lumpur, which is both the capital of the country and its largest metropolis. The world's tallest man-made structures--the famous Petronas Twin Towers--provide travellers with an aerial view of the city below. Not surprisingly, sightseeing is a favourite family activity in Kuala Lumpur. Additional attractions for visitors of all ages are located in the centre of the capital, while others are scattered across the rural areas of Malaysia.

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or walking on some of the world's most beautiful nature trails should place Malaysian Borneo on their must-see list. With its lush, green rainforests and bird and animal sanctuaries, families who visit this region will never run short of interesting and fun things to do.

Shopping and Dining in Penang

The big island of Penang is a source of pride for many Malaysian residents. It is located on the west coast of the island and is famous for its museums, historical homesteads, forts and waterfronts. Fewer than two kilometres from the centre of Penang is a unique attraction referred to as Gurney Drive. This hub of merchants and food vendors is an enjoyable place to stroll around and take in the sights. Most food vendors in this area display halal certificates, and therefore offer appropriate choices for Muslim travellers.

Taman Negara National Park

The world's oldest national park is located in Taman Negara and it boasts a rain forest, a canopied walkway, and is home to a broad range of birds and animals. Here, travellers can enjoy birdwatching, rafting, hiking, or simply sightseeing at one of the region's numerous waterfall lookout points. Depending on the season, there may also be opportunities to view wild elephants. A terrific place for visitors of all ages, those travelling to Malaysia should definitely add this enchanting national park to their itinerary.

Because Malaysia has chosen to lead the way with regard to halal-friendly options for travellers, virtually any town on this lovely island country is appropriate for Muslim holidaymakers. Therefore, those who choose Malaysia for their next city break or getaway can anticipate an exciting, memorable and worry-free experience.

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