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Umm Al Quwain means source of strength translated from Arabic. It“s a very interesting, though small emirate within the United Arab Emirates.

Since 1775 Umm Al-Quwain is an independent emirate. The emirate is famous in the region as the centre of the fishing industry. If you are interested in the history of the region you should visit the Museum of Umm al-Quwain, located in one of the reconstructed forts that once guarded the entrance to the city. The museum has a great collection featuring artifacts found during archaeological excavations in the emirate. 

Tourist Attractions in the Area

Umm Al Quwain Fort

The Emirate of Umm Al Quwain was the site of a fort built in 1768 by the founder of the modern Al Mualla dynasty, Sheikh Rashid bin Majid. The fort which was once home to the emirate's ruler and guarded the entrance to the old town, overseeing the sea on one side and the creek on the other. It eventually became a police station then a museum. The museum now houses artifacts found at important nearby sites including Ed-Dur and houses a collection of weapons that were used through the emirate's history. It is located near a Masjid (Mosque) in Umm Al Quwain Bazaar

Dreamland Aqua Park

The Park is operated all year round with a daily capacity of ten thousand visitors. It is the largest water park in the UAE is located on the coastline of Umm Al Quwain; about 40 minutes drive from Dubai, with 250,000 m2 expanse of landscaped gardens and over 30 rides, slides, and attractions.


Located to the north of Umm Al Quwain, the ancient city of Ed-Dur is considered the largest pre-Islamic site on the Persian Gulf coast. There are two public monuments at Al-Dour, a small square fort with round corner towers and a small square temple dedicated to the Semitic sun god Shamash. The site is not open to the public.

The Old Harbour

It is surrounded by old coral stone houses that display features of the original architecture and intricate sculptured plaster work. The old harbour is located in the old town overlooking the traditional dhow building yard where skilled craftsmen continue to assemble these traditional boats.

Islands of Umm Al Quwain

The largest of the seven islands is Al Sinniyah, followed by Jazirat Al Ghallah and Al Keabe, all of which are visible from the old town. Tucked in between these and the coastal plains are the smaller islands of Al Sow, Al Qaram, Al Humaidi, Al Chewria and Al Harmala. The islands lie to the east of the mainland peninsula on a unique stretch of coastline consisting of sandy islands surrounded by dense mangrove forests, separated by a series of creeks. The Madaar creek that runs between the islands provides a navigable waterway for fisherman even at low tide when the average depth is less than a few feet


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