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Situated a mere seven kilometres north of its more grandiose neighbour Dubai, the United Emirate of Sharjah offers a unique insight into conventional Emirati life. It is the third largest emirate in UAE and the only one that shares land on both the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf Coast. Showcasing its culture and heritage, this extraordinary halal-friendly holiday destination provides travellers with a glimpse into the heart and soul of the Emirates.

Perfect for families and visitors who want an entirely Muslim-friendly holiday, Sharjah hotels and resorts serve no alcohol and guests are encouraged to dress according to the rules of the Islamic faith. Therefore, families need not worry about youngsters seeing other visitors wearing inappropriate attire.

In 2014, Sharjah was named the Islamic Capital of Culture and proudly boasts more than 600 mosques. For this reason, families on vacation will have no trouble at all finding a house of worship close to their hotel or resort.



Virtually all restaurants in Sharjah are entirely Muslim or at the very least offer a halal-friendly menu to guests. Among the top restaurants that offer halal choices only are the Gazebo, Milas Restaurant, Zahr el Laymoun, Al Afadil, Katis, and Golden Fork Restaurant.

Activities and Sightseeing Opportunities

The area is filled with intriguing landmarks and museums, such as Al Mamzar Beach Park, the Arabian Wildlife Centre, the Museum of Islamic Civilisation and other Muslim friendly locations that the entire family can enjoy.

The Al-Mahatta Air Transport Museum is another great tourist attraction that offers a truly unique experience for couples and families who are interested in learning about Sharjah's role as a stopping point when air passenger travel first began in the Middle East.

A visit to the Sharjah Desert Park is a great idea for a day trip. It is located approximately 28 kilometres from the city and is home to several attractions, such as a petting zoo and botanical Museum.


Sharjah is a shopper's paradise,and anything can be found from souvenirs and leather goods to jewellry and carpets. Some of the best shopping outlets include the Sharjah Mega Mall and the Souq al-Arsa.


Security and safety are essential for Muslim families, and this is likely the reason for the popularity of Sharjah as a holiday destination. Tourists can typically walk freely on the streets and robberies and muggings are quite rare. Additionally, because of the fact that alcohol is not served at the city's restaurants or on its resorts, families need not worry about encountering tourists from other parts of the world engaging in promiscuous or rowdy behaviour in public. This is particularly advantageous for families with young children.

Because of the prevailing Islamic culture throughout the city, travellers can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect by other visitors. Although car hire and taxi services are available, Sharjah's public bus system is the best way to get around the city.

Making Reservations

When booking for major holidays such as Ramadan, it is important to make reservations far in advance, as Sharjah is particularly popular during this time because of its high number of mosques and halal-friendly restaurants. This is also true if one is planning to attend one of Sharjah's many yearly events, such as the Water Festival, International Book Fair, or the Sharjah Festival of lights.

Although an Arab state and relatively modern in many ways, the atmosphere of Muslim life is alive and well in Sharjah, which is one of the least westernised of all seven emirates. Therefore, Muslim families cannot go wrong planning a holiday in this lovely and intriguing part of the world.

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