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Bodrum is port city and district in the province of Mugla, found in Turkey's Aegean southwestern region. It is situated on the coast of the Bodrum Peninsula and is famous for housing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which is the Mausoleum of Mausolus.

An enigmatic elegance pervades this town, more so than any other Turkish seaside getaway. From its sparkling streets to its glittering Marina and crowning castle, there is always something interesting to see or do Bodrum. Turkey is one of the world's most Muslim-friendly holiday destinations, and therefore those of the Islamic faith can travel here and enjoy a wonderful getaway without having to worry about making compromises with regard to the types of facilities or restaurants they require: Bodrum is well known for offering a high number of appealing facilities and suitable attractions for any Muslim traveller. In addition, its historic sites and beautiful beaches draw individuals from throughout the world.

Halal Accommodation and Restaurants

It is not difficult to find halal-friendly resorts and hotels in Bodrum. For example, the 1453 Bodrum Resort and Spa, located in the centre of the city, features separate swimming pools for men and women, prayer rooms and an on-site halal restaurant. All rooms have picturesque views of the Aegean Sea. Other top choices include the Riverside Regal Hotel, the El Vino Hotel Suites and the Inanc Hotel. Muslim travellers may wish to avoid the Dolce Bodrum Hotel, as it is quite westernised and is unlikely to have the facilities necessary to those of the Islamic faith.

There is also a high number of halal-friendly restaurants in Bodrum, including the Marina Yacht Club Restaurant, the Memedof Fish Restaurant and the Kocadon.

Attractions and Activities

Bodrum Castle

The Bodrum Castle is a spectacular water structure that has become one of the most sought after attractions in Bodrum. Housing a museum and offering guided tours and a daily basis, the Castle is truly an outstanding landmark of which local residents are proud and visitors never forget.

Myndos Gate

Another of Bodrum's outstanding attractions is the famous Myndos Gate. The only surviving city gate from the 4th century BC, it is believed that its walls were constructed by King Mausolus, and it is truly a wonder to behold. In front of the gate are the remains of what is thought to be a moat in which numerous soldiers in the service of Alexander the Great were drowned is 384 BC.

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology

Bodrum's Underwater Archeology Museum houses a unique collection of objects recovered from shipwrecks. With its multiple displays and impressive galleries, it is easy for families to spend an entire morning or afternoon at this attraction.

Aqua Park Dedeman Bodrum

Families with youngsters who are searching for an interesting theme park should consider the Aqua Park Dedeman Bodrum. The Park has a wide variety of family entertainment options and numerous rides for children to enjoy.


Bodrum is known for its picturesque beaches; however, many have been westernised, and therefore may not be appropriate for all Muslim families.

Ancient Theatre

Built into the hillside rocks surrounding the city is the ancient Halicarnassus Theatre. Located on the road to Turgutreis, the theatre originally seated 5000 spectators, but in the third century A.D. that number was increased to 13,000, and the theatre still maintains that capacity. All summer, events and concerts are held in the theatre, but families also have the option of touring it when it is not in use.

Because Bodrum is both halal-friendly and full of interesting and educational attractions, it makes the perfect holiday destination for any Muslim family.

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