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Casablanca is Morocco's largest metropolitan region and the country's main port. It offers great sightseeing opportunities, delicious food and high end boutiques. Muslim families will find it easy to discover many advantages of visiting this large North African city.

Although there are areas of Morocco that may not be completely halal-friendly, there are many choices within the city that are halal-friendly in terms of no alcohol policies and modest dress codes. Therefore, this beautiful and enchanting region can be enjoyed by Muslim families who are aware of which establishments and landmarks are appropriate for their getaway.

Halal Restaurants

Fortunately, Casablanca has a wealth of halal-friendly restaurants displaying halal certificates and alcohol is not served in these establishments. The following are among some of the top choices:

• Seoul Garden

• Restaurant Cafe La SQALA

• Boulevard des Almohades,

• Rue Vizir Taz

• Le Riad Restaurant

• Rue Mohamed El Quori

• Restaurant Les Fleurs

• Casablanca Halal Restaurant


Renting a Moroccan riad is the perfect solution, as this is an ideal type of accommodation for Muslim tourists, especially those who value privacy. These traditional Moroccan palace type houses offer interior courtyards or gardens, and their roofs are superb locations from which to observe sunrise or sunset.

Shopping and Sightseeing

Hassan II Mosque

Another reason to visit Casablanca, despite the fact that it is somewhat westernised, is the opportunity to visit the Hassan II Mosque. A true architectural wonder, the Hassan II Mosque was constructed by 6000 traditional Moroccan artists and was completed over the course of five years. A genuinely magnificent sight, the mosque features carved and painted wood ceilings, sculpted plaster moldings, marble and stone floors and columns, and intricate mosaics. It is the second largest mosque on earth, with space for over 100,000 visitors. Non-muslims are prohibited from entering the mosque, and therefore only people of like faith will be encountered in this beautiful and impressive structure. Additional mosques in Casablanca include the Tarek Sidi Barnoussi Mosquee, Hay Hassani Mosque, Moulay Idriss II Mosque, and the Salmia II Mosque.

Park of the Arab League

The Park of the Arab League is another interesting area for visitors. Created in 1918, this park is Casablanca's largest open space, complete with its own palm-tree-lined Main Street. Ideal for walks and all types of outdoor activities, the Arab League Park gives travellers an opportunity to relax and admire the botanical wonders of Africa.

Villa of Art

Families who enjoy art galleries may wish to visit the Villa of Arts Museum and Gallery. This establishment showcases contemporary artwork and houses approximately 800 of its own pieces, as well as temporary exhibits by local artists. The building in which it is housed is a lovely Art Deco piece itself, and is approximately 80 years old. Hosting numerous artistic and cultural events, the Gallery attracts both tourists and local residents throughout the year.

Shopping Opportunities

Casablanca's Medina district is a great place to shop. It is located in the city's old walled section of town, and is dotted with many tiny shops and boutiques. Authentic crafts and wares are sold each day in the Medina market and bargains can be found on anything from spices and produce, to apparel and electronics.

The Marche Central Marketplace is another good place to bargain hunt. It is located on Casablanca's busiest shopping street, the Boulevard Muhammad V. Both marketplaces are decorated with colourful, bright lights for evening shopping.

Muslim travellers can enjoy an interesting and exciting holiday in Casablanca, despite its status as a cultural and religious melting pot. Fortunately, it is simply a matter of knowing where to stay and what to do when visiting this lovely Moroccan city.

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