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Fujairah is a relatively modern Arab Emirate, but the atmosphere of Muslim life can be felt within its borders. Ranked among the top-five places for a halal-friendly getaway destination, this region has a Muslim population of around 77 percent and its popularity is rapidly growing.

Sometimes referred to as a mini version of Dubai, Fujairah is a great place to relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings. Therefore, those looking for the ideal family holiday location should consider paying a visit to this enchanting emirate.

Great Dining Options

Naturally, dining out is part of any getaway, and Muslim families need not worry when vacationing in Fujairah, as there is a broad range of halal restaurants from which to choose. Everything from fast food choices to full service restaurants, such as the popular More and Sadaf chains, and even mall restaurants that serve a wide variety of food that is appropriate for followers of the Islamic faith.



Although there is a significant number of hotels in Fujairah, most establishments are quite westernised, and therefore Muslim families may not find them entirely appropriate. Fortunately, however, even in the busy season, finding halal-friendly accommodation is not difficult.

For example, the Concorde Hotel offers five-star amenities and stunning views of the surrounding scenery. It has facilities to please every family, including saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools and spa treatments, all of which are separate for men and women. A halal-friendly menu is offered at the hotel's restaurant and room service is available as well.

Another good choice is the Landmark Hotel, which is a favourite in the city. Although it does not offer gender segregated fitness centers and spas, its on-site restaurant features a halal menu. Additionally, guests of this hotel usually tend to dress with respect for the Muslim way of life.

Exploring and Sightseeing

Exploring the charm of Fujairah is a delightful experience for all families. Travellers who are interested in architecture and history will enjoy soaking in the site's attractions such as the Fujairah Museum and the Al Hayl Fort. Surrounded by enchanting natural beauty, these landmarks, as well as the spectacular coastline with its clean, safe beaches, make the area a perfect place to enjoy family time together, sightsee, worship or take advantage of great photo opportunities.

Water Sports

This emirate is home to 70 kilometres of coastline. Additionally, as opposed to many of the other emirates that are primarily surrounded by desert, this region boasts beautiful mountainous topography as well. Therefore, whether one enjoys water sports such as sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, or prefers to stroll through mountain trails, the region provides something for everyone.

Families interested in underwater adventures are pleased to discover Fujairah's coastline is home to several natural coral reefs, which are unrivaled by other emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


The region is also a shopper's paradise, as almost a dozen markets and souks are located within walking distance of most hotels. Many sell souvenirs, spices, jewellry and general gift items. In the centre of the city, modern shopping facilities are available as well.

The Ottoman Mosque

Also called the Al Badiyah Mosque, the Ottoman Mosque it is not only a place of worship, but also a landmark. The mosque's date of construction is uncertain, but it is believed to have been built in the early 15th century. It is the UAEs oldest mosque and has been kept well preserved by local residents of the Muslim faith. Featuring an ornate interior, including cube shaped carvings in which Korans are stored, and a large well for performing ablution, the Mosque is an impressive landmark.

Whether travelling for a short getaway or an extended holiday, Muslim travellers can visit Fujairah with confidence, knowing they will feel right at home.

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