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Mauritius is an intriguing, lovely island located in the Indian Ocean. Although the island is halal-friendly in many places, it features an interesting blend of African, British, French, and Indian cultures, and therefore is a favourite destination for travellers from various regions.

The island's beauty is impressive, yet it offers holidaymakers much more than golden sand and luxurious accommodations. Visitors are pleased to discover there is a broad range of attractions and activities in which to indulge throughout the year.

Tips for Muslim Holidaymakers

Generally speaking, Mauritians respect the religious ceremonies of various cultures. They work together to maintain a harmonious society that offers a genuinely warm welcome to travellers from around the world. Although Mauritius is halal-friendly overall, alcohol is permitted and no specific dress code is enforced in most areas.


Travellers are likely to encounter guests from many different countries when holidaying on Mauritius. However, certain hotels and resorts such as the Raffles, Le Meridien and Kempinski cater for Muslim families and respect their concerns about alcohol, pork and other culture-related or religious issues. They also have restaurants on-site that offer a wide variety of halal-friendly menu choices. Therefore, these are the top three Mauritius resorts for Muslim families.

Halal Dining

Overall, cuisine on the island of Mauritius is a mix of Chinese, European, Indian and French fare, which can make it challenging for Muslim families to find appropriate food choices when dining out. Fortunately, although Muslims form a minority of Mauritius' population, many halal restaurants are in operation on the island, from fast food chains that are halal-friendly to restaurants that cater entirely for Muslim travellers. Most restaurants in Quatre-Bornes, Pailles, Plaine-Verte and Rue Desforges, Rose-Hill, Beau-Bassin, and Phoenix offer halal menus to visitors.

In addition, the majority of fast food restaurants have a halal certificate, which means they offer menu choices appropriate for Muslim visitors. It is not recommended that one trust a restaurant claiming to be halal if this certificate cannot be produced: in non-Muslim governed countries, that certificate is the only way for families to verify whether or not the restaurant offers genuine halal choices.

Travellers should note that virtually all Mauritius butcheries are Muslim-owned, and therefore almost all meats offered from such establishments are halal. If a family is in doubt, seafood is always a great choice, as the island is famous for its deliciously prepared sea fare.

Activities and Attractions

With 330 kilometres of coastline surrounded by turquoise lagoons and an impressive coral barrier reef, Mauritius provides unrivaled diving experiences for those who enjoy the water. Swimming, snorkelling, para-sailing, scuba diving and many other water sports are available year-round.

Those who enjoy physical activity may wish to indulge in a day of hiking, while families who prefer a more relaxing holiday may enjoy a guided tour, during which they can see birds and animals in their natural habitat.

Another popular landmark on the island is the Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, which date back to the 1800s. Featuring an eclectic array of herbs, grasses, trees, flowers, and the island's celebrated Eucalyptus trees, the Botanical Gardens are perfect for a fun and interesting family outing.

Additional attractions that are favoured by both tourists and locals alike include  Captain Nemo's Undersea Walk--a guided tour that allows one to walk along the ocean's floor--the Blue Penny Nautical Museum and the Domaine Les Pailles Theme Park, located a few kilometres from Port Louis.

Mauritius is a perfect holiday location for travellers from around the world. Whether a person wishes to participate in sports, learn about different cultures, or simply rest and unwind, visitors are not disappointed with what they discover on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

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