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Located in Morocco on the African continent, Marrakech is an engaging labyrinth of colourful marketplaces featuring contemporary and traditional goods. Often referred to as the Rose City of Morocco, this area is not only lovely, but historical as well. It offers visitors relaxation, fun, delicious food and exciting sightseeing opportunities. Marrakech is a great destination at which to enjoy a halal holiday, provided travellers know which areas to visit and which to avoid.

Restaurants and Accommodations

A very touristy area, Marrakech is somewhat westernised; however, halal-friendly choices still abound. Among premier resorts that cater for Muslim families are the Dar Assiya and the Riad 63 Hotel and Spa. These resorts feature many of the facilities Muslim travellers require in order to adhere to their customs and practices while on holiday.

Marrakech is full of great restaurants as well, many of which are halal-certified, and some of the best choices include the Roti D'or Grille, Latitudes 31, Pepe Nero, the Amal Restaurant, Dar Cherifa Gardens, Eveil Des Sens Café and the Kui-Zin.

Sightseeing Opportunities


The museums in Marrakech present a panoramic history of the city's religious past. Top choices among the area's plentiful historic establishments are the Marrakech Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Dar Si Said Museum and Gallery.

Landmarks and Archaeological Ruin Sites

Additional landmarks in Marrakech worth visiting include the ruins of the El Bahia Palace and the archaeological dig site of the Royal Palace. Guided tours are available during certain times of the year, so families are encouraged to check with their resort concierge if they are interested in a group tour.

Camel Treks

Among favourite family activities in this area of Morocco is exploring the palm groves and deserts of Marrakech from the back of a camel. Participants are lead along a meandering path by a qualified tour guide and can enjoy viewing the villages and palm lined paths that make up the countryside of Marrakech. Great photo opportunities await those who indulge in such an excursion.

Medina Marketplace

The Medina is one of Marrakech's main attractions and it is located in the city's historic district. Featuring tall buildings with the colourful, bright pink walls for which Morocco is famous, the marketplace was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No one will ever forget the sights, sounds, and aromas that are characteristic of this interesting square and visitors should allow a full day to experience everything this attraction has to offer. The best things to buy in Medina Square are cashmere shawls, fabrics, rugs, leather goods and artwork.

Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque is Marrakech's largest place of worship and is also referred to as the 'Mosque of Many Names,' as it is also known as the Kotoubia Mosque, the Mosque of the Booksellers and the Kutubiyyin Mosque. It is situated in the the Medina quarter's Southwest section and is a sight to behold for holidaymakers from around the world. It features ornate, curved windows, pointed merlons, a band of ceramic inlay and decorative arches. Additionally, it is surrounded by gardens and a large plaza, which are illuminated at night.

Although parts of the region are somewhat westernised, a halal holiday is easily accomplished in lovely and engaging Marrakech, Morocco. Therefore, armed with the appropriate information, Muslim families can have a fantastic time in this beautiful North African city.

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