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Halal Morocco Holidays

Located in Northern Africa, Morocco is a beautiful country that borders the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the North Atlantic Ocean. It is situated directly across the Strait of Gibraltar and offers a wealth of exciting attractions and activities for virtually any traveller. The country's diverse geography makes it distinct from other African nations, and its snowcapped mountains, lush highlands, panoramic beaches and the expansive Sahara desert off in the distance all add to its unique character.

Muslim families need not worry when visiting this beautiful country, as it is one of the world's top ten halal-friendly nations. A recent report ranks Morocco as one of Africa's most travel friendly countries for Muslims, as it provides everything necessary to make halal living possible when one is visiting this country. Whether visitors are strolling the charming lanes of Casablanca or the mesmerising streets of Marrakech, appropriate facilities, restaurants and resorts can be found.

The country's primary cities are Tangier, Casablanca , Marrakech, Fez, Rabat and Meknes. All are well set up regarding halal-friendly facilities. Train travel is the primary method of transportation between cities and trains come and go each day between major towns. Additional evening trains run between Marrakech and Tangier. Virtually any major city in Morocco offers halal-friendly hotels, and therefore finding accommodation is never a problem.

Morocco also offers a wealth of halal-certified restaurants. Popular favourites among Muslim visitors include the following:

• The Chaouia Restaurant
• The Gharb
• Fes Cafe
• Grand Casablanca
• Tangier Cafe
• Tada's Restaurant
• The Guelmim
• The Halal Guys
• Ada's Restaurant
• Rabat Cafe

Things to Do

A popular sport in Morocco, hiking is an activity that adventurous families should consider. The High Atlas Mountains are a favourite destination of seasoned hikers, but this location is also appropriate for those who plan to enjoy hiking for the first time. Another popular place to walk or hike is the picturesque Ameln Valley. From either starting point, holidaymakers can proceed to Chefchaouen, which is a scenic overlook situated in the Rif Mountains. Here, visitors can enjoy world-class sightseeing prior to their descent.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

A must-see for Marrakech visitors, the ever-popular Moroccan hot air balloon tours take visitors soaring over the Atlas Mountains. Often combined with a guided camel trek afterward, such tours are unforgettable and guaranteed to please any traveller who relishes adventure. Flight certificates are generally awarded as a souvenir of the experience.

Day Trip to Marrakech

A day trip to Marrakech is an ideal activity for anyone planning to spend time in Morocco. Whether one chooses to stroll its labyrinth of the narrow streets or visit the city's many souks, most people are surprised to discover the high number of activities Marrakech has to offer. Among its many beautiful monuments and landmarks are the Hassan II Mosque and the Marrakech Botanical Gardens.

Friendly Residents

Moroccans are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. They enjoy showing visitors their country and respect various religions. This obviously enhances holidays for Muslim families who may be unsure about whether or not a specific area is truly Islam-friendly. Fortunately, hospitality is a way of life in Morocco and therefore, even first time visitors typically feel right at home in this lovely country.

Those who plan to travel to Morocco for the first time should consider reserving an all-inclusive package, the latter of which are recommended when visiting northern Africa. Ultimately, a trip to this mesmerising part of the world will never be forgotten.

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