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With thousands of mosques and the 'Adhaan' heard throughout the day, Istanbul, Turkey, draws over two million Muslim visitors each year. A culturally and historically rich city featuring impressive architecture, Istanbul is a holiday paradise for Muslim travellers from all walks of life. It offers fascinating attractions, an abundance of halal accommodation options, plenty of halal-certified restaurants and numerous prayer facilities that are easy to find, even if one is unfamiliar with the city.


There are over 20 hotel and resort options in Istanbul, which cater specifically for Muslim visitors. These hotels do not serve alcohol, no lounges or casinos are located on-site, separate facilities are provided for men and women, prayer rooms are available and all restaurants found on the property serve only halal food. Some of the finest options include the Topkapi Palace and the Golden Horn Sultanahmet Hotel, which are located within walking distance to the renowned Blue Mosque.

At the heart of the city, there are less expensive hotels for those travelling on a budget, but which are still entirely halal-friendly. These options include the Istanbul Guest Cottages and the Flamingo Hotel Istanbul. Other reasonably priced accommodation options are located in rural areas surrounding the city, such as the Rizom Holiday Village Beach Resort, which is a lovely bungalow-style halal establishment that is appropriate for Muslim travellers. It offers halal cooking facilities in the units and gender-segregated pool areas.

Prominent Landmarks and Attractions

Istanbull is a dream come true for those who enjoy sightseeing. Many famous landmarks are within walking distance of the city's centre. Attractions such as the world-famous Hippodrome, Gulhane Park and the aforementioned Blue Mosque can be seen from most major hotels and resorts. Public transportation is available, but many visitors enjoy touring the city on foot.

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is Istanbul's most famous historical site and one of the most beautiful in Turkey. Hagia Sophia served as a church after its construction was commissioned by an ancient Byzantine Emperor. In future years, it was converted from a church to a mosque by Mehmed the Conqueror. It underwent another change 500 years later, when it was secularised and turned into a museum. However, it still has religious significance among followers of the Islam faith.

The Grand Bazaar

Considered one of the world's largest shopping centres, the Grand Bazaar is a favourite location among those who enjoy bargain-hunting. Its lively and thriving environment is not seen in many modern shopping malls and marketplaces. The Bazaar consists of over 3000 shops covering 60 streets and attracts approximately 300,000 visitors per day. A day spent exploring this wide variety of stores and the broad range of merchandise they offer is a fun activity for essentially any family. Bargaining is expected at the Bazaar, and therefore patrons should never have to pay full price for any item.

Istanbul Beaches

Most Istanbul Beaches are halal-friendly, although a few are westernised. When in doubt, families should choose beach areas in front of the city's various resorts, as virtually all resort beaches follow Islamic dress code.

Visitors can also simply wander Istanbul's cobbled streets or enjoy a ferry cruise of Bosphoros at night. Istanbul is blessed with an outstanding coastline, and therefore a perfect destination for those who enjoy sightseeing and want to make the most of photo opportunities.

Because Turkey is the world's third most popular destination for halal conscious travellers, access to appropriate facilities, restaurants and hotels in Istanbul is never a problem. Therefore, Muslim families can plan a getaway with confidence and joy, and fascinating sights and sounds of Istanbul at any time of the year.

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